Customize the theme

Note: We recommend to install your first Surikata online store locally before you read this guide. Follow this Installation guide to proceed.

The basic theme for the Surikata online store allows you to set the color scheme via the administration panel.

You can find the settings for the theme in the tab Websites -> [Your website] -> Design The Surikata allows several levels of color adjustment for maximum variety and customization.

The Design tab contains a selection of the theme used, Options for the selection change according to which themes you have installed in the Surikata online store

The next tab contains definitions of the colors used in the selected theme.

Keep in mind that custom themes may not implement the use of global color settings!

Colors: Main theme colors

The main colors of the theme used, this section affects the appearance of the entire site.

Colors: Main body background

Colors: Header

Colors: Footer

Custom CSS

Hint for web users, dark color #222 is more pleasant than black #000

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