Programmer's guide

Following topics are technical and explain programming principles of Surikata. If you want to learn how to use Surikata's administration panel, go to user guide.

Getting started

About Surikata

Hello World!

After you have successfuly installed your Surikata e-commerce, you can start working on your customizations. There are two main areas to customize:

Default set of plugins

We have prepared for you a default set of plugins located in


You can either use these plugins or make a copy and modify them. This default set of plugins covers the basic functionality of the e-commerce including slideshows, blogs, product catalog, checkout, customer profile, content management, etc. We recommend you to browse through that directory to learn more. Read more about default plugins.

If you are inpatient and want to see how you can create your own plugin, read this 5-minute HelloWorld example.

Default basic theme

Along with the default set of plugins, there is also a simplistic theme covering all required functionality of the e-commerce. The theme is called BasicTheme and is located in


Again, same as with the default set of plugins, you can either use this theme or make a copy and modify.

Customizing plugins

If you are a backend programmer, you should read this chapter.

Programming plugins is the essential part of Surikata backend programmer. You can do everything with plugins, including:

There is a lot more to do with plugins. Have fun!

Learn about Surikata's plugin programming

ADIOS framework

The ADIOS framework have been selected for development of the administration panel because of its simplicity and versatility. Therefore you should know how it works to become a master plugin programmer.

Learn about ADIOS programming

Designing themes

If you are a frontend programmer, you should read this chapter.

Theme is a basic design entity for your e-commerce site. It contains all assets, layout definitions, design files (TWIG / HTML), Javascript libraries etc.

You can have multiple themes in your project, one theme for each subdomain or language mutation.

Learn about Surikata's theme customization

Source code documentation

Source code documentation generated by phpDocumentor is fully at your disposal. Dive in.

Browse source code documentation

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